Welcome to Andrea Ng’s Gallery.

Andrea Ng is a visual artist and pianist in Toronto, Canada. Andrea has shared a passion for art since childhood, where pencil drawing created her first window into the visual arts.

Self taught at a young age, Andrea took advantage of being from an artisan family, and growing up in downtown Toronto to always immerse herself in the artistic atmosphere of old downtown. Andrea’s first public art displays, were a selection of woodcut prints selected to be shown at the Toronto Harbourfront Centre and a selection of her Garden Contours at Toronto’s City Hall at the age of 14. Later while studying at high school, she had the opportunity to learn from private teachers around Toronto in mediums including pencil, charcoal, acrylics, and oils. Since the completion of her education at The University of Toronto and The University of Waterloo, Andrea coupled her educational background in English Literature and Women and Gender studies with her passion of the visual arts.

“I love the acrylic medium and paint in the abstract realism style, using the canvas as a pictorial space to express my obsessions with different psychological states of the mind; particularly those of the diminished consciousness that often drifts between dream and reality, to tell a story from within those deep and often dark places.”_Andrea Ng

Artists that inspire Andrea include: Arthur Rackham, M. C Escher, Arthur Hughes, Kay Nielsen, H.J. Ford, Salvidor Dali, Tim Gagnon, Rob Gonsalves, Chris Van Allsburg and the music of Frederic Chopin and Franz Liszt.

Along with the visual arts, Andrea also loves all sorts of crafting and enjoys beadwork, needlecraft, origami, pottery, knitting, and calligraphy. And in her spare time, she loves Literature, Transcribing Music, Rainy Days, The Colour Black, Chai and her fluffy white odd eyed Norwegian Forest Cat named Mau Mau!

Andrea Ng
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